In limited edition

Entirely hand-made

They are suitable as pendants.

or keyrings

The smallest shoes of the world!

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The Shoes

Please allow me to introduce you to the smallest shoes the world! They are entirely hand-made, exclusively from leather. They are suitable as keyrings or pendants. Here’s a challenge: can you find me a shoe any smaller, entirely made out of leather?

About me

My name is Francesca and I began to take an interest in working leather whilst in Andalusia. I became fascinated with the beautiful varieties of hand-pressed leather they produce. Since then I make all sorts of things out of leather: bags, belts, necklaces, tobacco pouches, and obviously: “The smallest shoes in the world!

The materials

The shoes are entirely hand-made, exclusively out of leather from cow, horse and goat hide. An exclusive article, in limited edition and guaranteed to last and last!

The Manufactures

Every shoes is made out of three pieces: one for the front part, one for the back and one for the sole. I usually make a small series of them.

Classic/Cow lether


Light Blue



Light Brown


Golden with white laces


Golden with red laces




Every mini-shoes cost €15,00 + €8,00 for sending (till 8 shoes) For larger orders ask me in private.

The paymet will be on paypal account, that I will provide you through email, through all types of credit card.

For your order or info, write to: